Blackhawks sweep PECO XC meet

cHICAGO blackhawks jersey

8 September, the best (healthy) of cross country runners in the county gathered at Susquenita to screen cross course Blackhawks.

Susquenita crew Rick Knepp stole the show.

In the race, the boys almost ran Blackhawk Jr. Jake Hammaker down Upper Dauphin ace Brandon Miller, but came up shy of two seconds, becoming at 20:11.

“I beat him, coming down the hills, but he beat me to the apartments,” explained Hammaker.

“This course is fun,” Miller said. “I’ll be back.”

Hammaker, and then Jacob Zimmerman, Colby Houser, Zachary Clugston and Kaleb Keefe, led sweep of the top five points finishers PECO. Boyd Heckman (seventh), Jonathan Garula (ninth) and James Mok (10th) also finished in the top 10.

Girls the Blackhawk Jerseys, who went missing three of the best runners, barely edging Greenwood (27-34) and Carson Long (23-35).

Rochelle Myers, Jr. ran with distinction, finishing 27:01, 35 seconds in front of Lauren Wilson, a student at West Perry, who is fighting for Carson Long.

“Rochelle really good runner, and it’s its course,” said Wilson, for her first year of cross country. “She pulled away immediately. I stayed with the girls of Greenwood, and then handed them over.”

Wildcats Marie Barnard, Brienna Hess and Rachel Peters took the next three places. Newport Sam Schreiber was sixth, followed by Callie Rohrer (S), Shannon McNaughton (S), Paige Steffy (CL) and Sam Elmore (S).


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