Artemi Panarin wants 6-year deal worth more than $36 million from Blackhawks, per report


Chicago Blackhawks forward Artemi Panarin request a contract worth six years “more than” $ 6 million per year in contract negotiations, according to Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune. Panarin, a restricted free agent next summer in 2017, will address a monster increase as part of its second contract in the NHL.

These terms are great for the reigning champion of the Calder Trophy, but they are also very reasonable given the level of talent and resume. Panarin has been one of the best scorers in the NHL last season and turns 25 in late October. He will command a big contract as an RFA, so from six and one TD ceiling approximately $ 6 million is actually not so bad.

GM Stan Bowman has asked about negotiations with the camp Panarin Tuesday but declined to give details. The agent forward Tom Lynn, said last week that talks have already begun.

“I do not think this is a productive thing to kind of negotiate through the media,” said Bowman. “Obviously, Artemi is a big part of our team. We are very happy for the season he had. We are eager to build on that too. And then the negotiations will be what they are between his agent and myself. I respect Tom, he is a very competent guy and I know Artemi put a lot of faith in him. Tom and I are going to work to do something. ”

This will be a tricky match for Bowman and the Custom Blackhawks Jersey play. Panarin signed a contract worth 36 million just over $ six years would probably be a smart investment, but it is not that easy for a team that’s already got so many other commitments. The risk, of course, is that the expectations of the team and he raises his stock even higher, forcing the Hawks into a corner when it asks Tarasenko money instead of Forsberg / MacKinnon / Saad money.

On the other hand, the Hawks would probably like to build a bridge agreement that avoids a long-term commitment. Let’s just get this out of the way, though: it happens. Panarin will pursue a long-term deal and it’s hard to imagine the 25 coming off a ridiculously good rookie season will not get it. Thus, the Hawks will understand how to make this work, and frankly, at least he did not request the maximum term of eight years. The Hawks already have enough treats that long on the books.

But there is still much uncertainty surrounding the situation of the Hawks for the 2017-18 season. First, there is the expansion project, which poach a team player to join the new franchise Vegas. Second, there is the salary cap, which will probably go up but who knows how much. And finally, there is the Cape of consumption, which could be millions if Panarin strikes again all bonuses. So you’re talking about several million in cap space the Hawks have no idea if they will be able to use even according to these factors, which makes it more difficult to ink another huge extension.

Bowman maintains its confidence that a deal will be done, although we have heard similar sentiments in the months leading trade Brandon Saad in Columbus. We are certainly not there yet, but it’s not a different situation, and you have to imagine the Hawks will be determined to do it differently. Panarin’s too good talent for this team to let go without a plan to replace it.

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